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"The only way we lose is if we don’t vote Democratic, Nov. 5, for President Joe Biden ..." more
"I think it is crazy to change the speed limit on Lincoln Road to 25 mph from First Street to Buttermilk Road ..." more
"I suggest that the condition that we find ourselves in has a huge overlap between the tribes. I suggest that the political bases, the huge voter blocs whose support never changes regardless of the reported facts, simply follow the party lines ..." more
"We were all taught from the get-go that in America no one is above the law, even the president.  But six members of the Supreme Court broke that law with their asinine ruling on presidential immunity ..." more
"Thank you to all involved in the planning and carrying out of the “Veterans Appreciation Night” held at Lancer baseball stadium on July 1 preceding the North Scott v Davenport Assumption doubleheader ..." more
"To everyone setting off fireworks early and against the rules: We have a 12-year-old dog with severe heart issues ..." more
"Joe is our best hope of denying Trump again ..." more
"The truth matters. Information matters. I am so thankful you wrote that article ..." more
"Until recent years, virtually all Americans would acknowledge the validity of certain facts, e.g., the earth is round and the sun sets in the west. That shared reality no longer exists after the concept of 'alternative facts' was injected into the bloodstream of American life ..." more
"Come support the Maysville Fire Department Block Party for live music and food trucks all day, noon to 11 p.m., Saturday, June 22 ..." more
"Miller-Meeks knows the game. Her advocacy for fossil fuel and her lengthy record of undermining green renewable energy industries lead to an obvious conclusion ..." more
"It is so fitting to observe Spike’s passing in such a way as was portrayed and commemorated as the NSP has done ..." more
"It is unbelievable to me to see how our leaders are already attempting to take voting rights, rights to safe obstetrical care, rights to birth control away from those of us who have been blessed to live in a democracy where we have had these rights and where medical professionals and not legislators decided what medical care we can receive ..." more
"The North Scott Food Pantry would like to thank the Eldridge postal carriers for collecting food for the food pantry ..." more
"My letter is in response to an article published in the North Scott Press a little over two weeks ago. It is directed to the families living on Torrey Pines in Townsend Farms which is one of our newer subdivisions ..." more
"Under Governor Reynolds and Republican complete control of the legislative agenda, there has been an intentional erosion of trust in the public schools similar to that observed in all other red states ..." more
"If Trump is elected, look to the 1930s Germany, the brown shirts and a repeat of history. America as we know it, ends ..." more
"There is also no way to measure what the stress is doing to us, and our kids, in all aspects of our lives ..." more
"I encourage the citizens of Scott County to vote in the June 4 primary with the Republican ballot and vote for Chris Laye for sheriff ..." more
"If you are approaching a bus from behind and the yellow lights begin flashing you are to stop behind the bus. If you are approaching from in front and the yellow lights are activated you are to start slowing and be prepared for the red lights to begin, at which time you are to stop ..." more
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