Letter to the editor

Campbell is 'a one-of-a-kind community treasure'


Having worked at community weekly newspapers in Iowa for two years and at The Galena Gazette (Galena, Ill.) for 43 years, I have come to learn that the people who live in a community are the real treasures of that community. It is their passion, their dreams, which help communities grow, develop and nurture people of all ages.

One of those true community treasures in your community is Scott Campbell, the now retired editor of the North Scott Press. For 40 years, Scott served as a keen observer of the North Scott community sharing what he learned and saw with readers of the North Scott Press.

Few people have approached this role of community newspaper editor with so much care and passion as Scott has. That he has not burned out, but has remained truly interested in his community for all of these years is remarkable. It is testament to his grounding as a caring person.

It has truly been a pleasure reading Scott’s columns and news and feature stories as well as enjoying his photography for 40 years. If Scott’s reporting is of interest to an “outsider,” I can only imagine what this experience has been like for community members.

The time, curiosity and passion for which Scott has put into his body of work should be treasured by all, because, after all, he is a one-of-a-kind community treasure.

P. Carter Newton

Publisher, The Galena Gazette

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