Eldridge council to discuss fireworks law

July 4 debris prompts councilman's complaint


Eldridge council members on Monday will discuss changes to the city’s fireworks ordinance after a council member complained of firework litter and smells.

Council member Adrian Blackwell said firework debris littered some city streets, and smoke clouded some neighborhoods.

“Smoke from these massive fireworks got into our house, the neighbors, and Scott Case’s, even with the windows closed. Our house still smelled like sulfur this morning!! Police were notified last night. Is it possible to relook at our current ordinance and make some modifications?” Blackwell wrote in an email to Mayor Marty O’Boyle.

Monday’s agenda for the 7 p.m. meeting at city hall includes discussion of the city’s 2017 ordinance limiting fireworks to July 3, 4 and Dec. 31. The ordinance limits fireworks users to their own property or other private property with an owner’s permission. It does not specifically forbid launching fireworks from streets and other public property.