Cat taken from Maurer Street building



To whoever recently took the kitten from our property at 507 Maurer St. in Wilton:

A few weeks ago, a little tiger kitten came to our yard crying. It looked to be only a couple weeks old. We hoped the mother would come back. We left food, milk and water out under the bush by the door it decided to reside under. We could see it, but it didn’t trust anyone.

I finally moved the dishes out from under the bush, and I talked to it so it would get used to me. Little by little, moving the dishes, if I moved, it would run back to hide.

After what seemed like weeks, it finally let me touch it, then pet it, then hold it and cuddle. And in time, other tenants who offered food were rewarded by it letting them pet it.

Thursday, July 28, I came out to spend time with it, and no kitty! Friday morning, no kitty. Friday afternoon, I found a note on my outside door, stating they had observed the kitty from the street and decided it was too small to be on its own. They reassured us that it would have a safe and good home.

I can’t tell you how much that kitty meant to everyone here, especially me. It was much loved by all 14 people who live here. We are all saddened and heartbroken by your action. My hear felt like it was ripped out of my body.

Please, please don’t do that again to anyone else whom you might think isn’t taking care of pets. Couldn’t you have at least asked?

Toots Garvin