Riverdale firefighters honor former chief


Rverdale volunteer firefighters met former chief and veteran Floyd Bruns at the Quad City Airport for an Honor Flight.

Bruns retired in 2011, and was a guest on the 55th Quad City Honor Flight.

The Riverdale fire department trains every Monday. Learn more on the Riverdale Fire Department Facebook page, or by calling (563) 355-2211.

2022 roster

Chief Chris Bernard

1st assistant chief Randy Bowers

2nd assistant chief Eric Hupp

Capt. Rodney Fink

Capt. Adrian Castillo

Lt. George Miller

Lt. Kevin Kluger

President Philip Bowers

Vice president Jon Clinton

Firefighter Floyd Bruns

Firefighter Bruce Bowers

Firefighter John Clausen

Firefighter John Demay

Firefighter Dennis Glew

Firefighter Adam Guillion

Firefighter Dale Hupp

Firefighter Chelsea Jewell

Firefighter Jakob Kluger

Firefighter Donte Peterschmidt

Firefighter Hunter Symmonds

Riverdale Fire Department, Floyd Bruns