Keppy wraps up school board service


Glen Keppy wrapped up his school board service with a kind note, warm thanks, and a wave of accolades from his board colleagues.

They recalled his service in almost every aspect of the district, including working as a student bus driver as a senior.

“He helped grade the softball field where it is now,” board president Mark Pratt said. “He’s part of the history of our district, and Scott County.”

Keppy said health concerns after his knee replacement last year forced his resignation in his 10th year on the board.

“Due to my health I cannot be the type of board member I want to be, and the district deserves,” he wrote to the board. “Being on school board has been very rewarding. I’m proud of the progress this district made in my time on the board.”

He was appointed to the board in 2013 and won reelection twice. He championed the school’s ag programs in the board room, and in the fields, mentoring FFA students and pitching in on planting and harvesting days.

“I’m very proud of our agriculture and FFA program for becoming not only best in Iowa, but best in the nation,” he wrote.

Board members recounted his life of leadership and adventures, including a stint in Washington D.C. as a U.S. Department of Agriculture program director, past president of the National Pork Producers Association, and a former Pittsburgh Steeler, Detroit Lion and Green Bay Packer.

He played football at North Scott, then at the University of Wisconsin Platteville. He earned a bachelor’s in agriculture technology, then was drafted by the Steelers.

Board members applauded his quiet leadership.

“I’ve known him throughout my whole education career here. I knew his parents, Roy and Myrtle, very well. They were among the first to welcome me into the community when I was in high school,” said Frank Wood.

“You knew you were going to get a heartfelt, honest answer one way or the other. He didn’t pull any punches,” said Wood, who recalled the warm welcome from Keppy’s parents.

“His dad and my dad started National Pork Producers with three other men,” board member Joni Dittmer said. “People had no idea what this man has been involved in. He’s the most humble man I’ve ever met. We’re so blessed, honored and truly lucky to have Glen and his family in this area.”

Board president Mark Pratt values Keppy’s counsel. “He is just that quiet guy who listened. Being into politics as much as he was, you’d think he’d like to hear himself talk. That’s not him at all. He’s the guy who takes everything in.”

“I wish I could do half the listening he did. When Glen finally spoke up, we all listened in because that was the type of leader he is,” superintendent Joe Stutting said. 

Board to appoint successor

The board plans to appoint a successor to serve through the end of Keppy’s term this year. Board members agreed with Stutting’s proposal to accept applications through Feb. 8. Applicants should send a résumé and letter of intent to the board office.

“What do you bring to the table? Why are you a good fit?” Pratt suggested.

The board will review applicants in a Feb. 9 work session, then conduct interviews and make the appointment at the Feb. 13 meeting.

District residents may force an election by submitting a petition with 1,105 signatures, or 10 percent of the last election turnout, by Feb. 8.

“Then we would go to the county auditor and start the process for a special election,” Stutting said.

Terms for Keppy, Bergfeld, Maxwell and Dittmer end this year.

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